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All Saints Public School

Co-Curricular Activities

We have various co-curricular activities in our school meant to ignite various skills. Students are free to choose the activity according to their interest. Special trainings to enhance kinesthetic skills. Cognitive abilities,creative competencies, mental health, martial performance. Language proficiency and musical intelligence are there. Experts of different activities spare their quality time with our students.

A perfect blend of academic excellence and art of living in community makes the altogether pesonality of a child.


We are always excelling in our path and counting more. Together in curricular and Extra curricular activities our school marks the name in golden letters.


Science Club, Social Science Club, Mathematics Club, Language Club, Nature Club and Sports Club

Special Clubs

Under the guidance of NILA, the following clubs were created in our School.

  1. I CAN PEDAL (Cycling Club)
  2. ALCHEMY (Student Paliative Club)
  3. WINGS OF TUNE (Bird Watching Club)


In order to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among the students and to encourage them, the School has four different houses namely Diamond, Emerald, Pearl and Ruby.

House-wise Competitions

Various Inter-House Competitions are held to awaken the spirit of talent, imagination, creativity and alertness among the students. Every year there are a new or modified set of events and competitions that further challenge and hone the skills of the students. Whether it was the melodious solo song, dance, instrumental music, art, handwriting, creative writing or debate, the activities helped to bring out the uniqueness of each individual. They are applauded for their superb performance. Winners are awarded with certificates. At the end of the event, the individual as well as the house-wise positions are announced.

Physical Education

A regular Physical Education Training is carrying out to improve the physical fitness of the students. The school physical education program offer students the opportunity to not only be physically active today but the opportunity to teach skills and behaviours conducive of maintaining physical activity for a lifetime.

Sports & Games

Sports & Games help in overall physical as well as mental development of the students. The vast play ground infront of the school allows the students to play and enjoy themselves as a part of their competition or physical activity in the free time or after school hours.

Dance Class

The school gives training for different dance forms and allows the students to participate in Inter-School Competitions. Through dance, students learn teamwork, focus, and improvisational skills.

Music Class

The Music education can actually help students with their academic performance. The music teacher instructs the concepts of music and helps them to polish their skills in music.

Yoga Class

Yoga helps children to focus and concentrate in school and get better grades. The school gives yoga practise for students that includes breathing exercises and body stretching techniques.

Class Magazines

Every year the students of each class creates class magazines under the guidance of their class teachers. Every student gets an oppurtunity to showcase their creative talents.They also develop their power of thinking and strengthen their imagination.


An exhibition is conducted every year in our school for the children to show their talents and ideas in various subjects. The students of all classes are allowed to participate in it.

Charity Programmes

Charity is one of the noblest task that a man can do in his life and it is important to teach children compassion for others, love of community, care for the environment and concern about social issues.

As a school we support various charity programmes to make the children kind and responsible citizens. It also encourages them to be enterprising. Every year we distribute a special charity to cancer patients.

Other activities

Apart from the above our school has Archery, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Adventure Games, Cricket, Volleyball, Skating, Waveboard, Abacus, Trampoline. Education is not just about studies. It is a well balanced mix of knowledge and fun.