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All Saints Public School

Sr. Lins Alackal

Principal's Message

Welcome to the world of All Saints, where education means all round development of the child. This is a school that has a mission to make each child achieve his and her best.

After the peak of the recent pandemic, we are reunited once again along with our friends and family at All Saints Public School. On this hillside of Ponmudy, Vithura, we are striving to bring about the best in every student knowing that each one is a unique gift of God.

It is a place where students feel safe and know that they belong, a place where students' individual strengths are nurtured and developed. Our focus is on equipping students to be ready to play their part in the world by developing their skills and knowledge and exploring their talents as they have the potential to really make a difference.

At All Saints, it is the students, staff and parents who make up our community that make our school a wonderful place to be. As each new day presents another blessing and opportunity to grow in Love, Truth and Wisdom, let us work together with optimism, courage, and great enthusiasm for the betterment of our future generation. May God bless us all.

Dr. Sr. Sicily T S
(Sr. Emily Thekketheruvil)